Date Listed: October 2018

Nu Metro



Size of HR Department:

HR’s overall performance score:
4 out of 5

Survey Response Rate:

About Nu Metro

Nu Metro strives to encompass a complete entertainment experience that includes not only the best in sound and projection technology, but extensive interactive campaigns and activations, regular cineplex visits by film talent, popular pre-release screenings, partnerships with some of South Africa’s leading brands, and the highest level of personalised in-cinema service.

Nu Metro Cinemas has been a leader in South African cinema exhibition since the first Metro Theatre opened in Johannesburg 85 years ago. Currently operating 24 cineplexes throughout South Africa, Nu Metro has already started to embark on an ambitious expansion into other African countries.

Since 2014, Nu Metro has introduced a variety of enhanced cinema experiences (including 4DX multi-sensory cinema, the immersive cinema Xtreme experience, and the luxury VIP experience) and its first eSports Gaming lounge at Emperors Palace with more lounges to follow soon.

The Human Capital Function

The Human Capital function’s greatest strengths and value-add (according to middle, senior and top Management)

  1. Ensuring HR governance and compliance, including auditing people risks and advising on mitigating strategies.
  2. Managing all staffing processes, including offering valuable placement advice to ensure that the right people are appointed, that new employees are orientated and integrated into the company, and ensuring that Nu Metro has a strong visible employer brand approach to attract talent. Also acting as the custodian for ensuring diversity targets are met.
  3. Utilising technology to effectively administer HR processes.
  4. The competencies of the HR team on all 5 dimensions measured, and in specific how leaders perceived them to be people focused.
  5. HR is an integral part of the business, and represented on executive management level. According to leaders surveyed, these two factors (in addition to HR’s competence) are enablers of HR’s ability to add value to Nu Metro.

How the Human Capital Function Benefited from Participation

“The participation of our middle, senior and top management in the HRvalue Report survey provided us with meaningful insights on the perceptions of the business of the human capital team’s current performance, against the expectations of the business.   The results covered all aspects and gave us a clear indication (and comfort) that we were on the right track with our future plans and Human Capital strategy.  The results provided us with the relevant confirmation that as a team, we are aligned with the needs of the business and the current as well as the future needs.  This is a worthwhile project and highly recommended for any business that understands that the Human Capital function has a vital role to play in more than just the traditional aspects.”

Amelia Sequeira, Human Capital Executive: Nu Metro