Recognising HR functions who add value – according to their key internal stakeholders


Date Listed: October 2022

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“Participation in any HR survey is scary at first, when it aims to test the recognition of how the HR function and services are delivered and received by managers. However, partnering with HCBsolutions was indeed an invaluable experience.

I am glad that I did undertake the survey within Sun International South Africa as it once again highlighted and elevated the importance of the Human Resources function to all.

In addition, as a result of the survey, it has changed the dialogue amongst the managers to acknowledging and appreciating that the HR function and its deliverables to our employees cannot be achieved without a strong partnership so that the business fully benefits from the HR value chain.

The HRvalue survey is effective and very professionally designed. I would recommend it to all that is looking for valuable insights and thorough engagement with the managers on the topic of human resources.”

Verna Robson, Director Group Human Resources: Sun International

Date Listed: May 2022

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“Participating in the HRvalue survey by executive, senior and middle management provided the Human Capital team and the organisation with meaningful insights on the prevailing perceptions of the HC Team and their value add, as well as future expectations.

The survey allowed us to elicit priority and strategic areas to inform the Human Capital Strategy and reposition our function’s value proposition.  I would highly recommend this survey as an objective measurement of areas of improvement, and to highlight HR’s value and help shift perceptions of the HC function.”

Marietjie Geldenhuys, Head of HR: CAPRISA

Date Listed: October 2018

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“The participation of our middle, senior and top management in the HRvalue Report survey provided us with meaningful insights on the current perceptions of the business of the human capital team’s performance against the expectations from the business.

The results covered all aspects and gave us a clear indication (and comfort) that we were on the right track with our future plans and Human Capital strategy.  The results provided us with the relevant confirmation that as a team, we are aligned with the needs of the business and the current as well as the future needs.

This is a worthwhile project and highly recommended for any business that understands that the Human Capital function has a vital role to play in more than just the traditional aspects.”

Amelia Sequeira, Human Capital Executive: Nu Metro

Date Listed: October 2017

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“The results of our HRvalue Report provided a range of meaningful insights on what our middle, senior and top management expect and perceive of our Human Capital function. The survey covers a range of detailed questions that provided us with clear and comprehensive information on what we have to focus on. The high response rate was an indication that our leaders were keen to have their voices heard, and our participation in the survey indicated to the leadership that the HC function wants to set an example of transparency and listening to our key clients. The results presentation to our EXCO also triggered much needed conversations (and debate) about the role of our HC function and what needs to happen or change.

I believe it is a great tool for any business who understands the important role that their HR function plays and who would like to know what they need to focus on to ‘do better’ and ‘be better’. I have already recommended the HRvalue Report to others.”

Ruan Minnaar, Human Capital and Marketing Director: Bigen