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The HRvalue Report™ provides clear and comprehensive information

Everything you need to know about your HR function in one report

What it Measures

The HRvalue Report™ is relevant to any country, company or industry, regardless where they are in their journey to a value-adding, high performing HR function.

It provides valuable insights on:

Client priorities

Performance of HR

Gaps between HR performance and client priorities

Competencies HR need to develop

Factors that impact HR’s performance and contribution

HR’s contribution to the performance of the company and influence on the company climate

What clients have to say, in their own words, about the HR function (optional)

The different expectations and perceptions of departments or levels

The HRvalue Report™ is different from other HR surveys in many ways:

It asks the people who are in the best position to provide an objective opinion (as key stakeholders of a value-adding HR function), to complete the questionnaire

It provides specific insights for YOUR company

It identifies gaps

Questions are focused on the value-adding role of HR, and not merely HR activities

It provides much-needed insight for HR on internal and external factors that impact their performance and contribution

Questions integrate all the latest thinking and thought leadership on the current and emerging roles and contribution of HR

The Process

We make participation easy and sensible:

Clarifying scope and requirements
Request a quote (see contact details)
We will forward you an Application Form that will provide us with the necessary information to quote you

Commercial arrangements
Want to proceed?
Participating company signs the Application Form
(incl. client specific requirements, terms & conditions)

Ensure buy-in and understanding
Discussion with the Head of HR and organisation to ensure understanding of, and commitment to, the process

Invitation to respondents (HR stakeholders)
Email invitation (containing the link to the survey) to be forwarded to HR’s stakeholder clients. We can help you in this process

Survey runs online
The Survey is hosted online for an agreed period (normally 2 weeks)
During this time we will notify you of progress on the response rate, which will indicate the need for reminder emails

Data analysis & reporting
Results and reports are computer generated, where after data is analysed. Reports are sent to participating company (normally the most senior leader of the HR department and executive management team). Results are made available to the HR department and stakeholder clients

Feedback sessions as agreed on the Application Form
One-hour feedback is included. Additional feedback sessions are optional – additional fees apply

HRvalue Champions™ list
Optional for HR functions who have met the criteria: Company name and logo, as well as a sharing of best practices will appear on this website
Optional – no additional fee applies

What you could do following the results

The journey towards exceptional HR performance:

Should you wish to make use of an external HRvalue Champion associate to assist your company in this journey, you are welcome to contact Human Capital Business Solutions for more information.

Share Results
Make the results of the HRvalue Report™ available electronically or in hard-copy to key stakeholders (including the respondents who were invited to participate in the survey). Results should also be shared in feedback sessions with the executive/senior management team, HR leadership team, and the HR department. The purpose, duration and depth of feedback of these sessions should be customised for every stakeholder group.

Ensure Understanding of HR’s Role and Delivery
Facilitated discussions between HR leaders and senior leaders in the company during focus groups can create an understanding of the ‘new’ role of HR, how HR can be best supported, and how to utilise the HR department as a strategic business partner.

Develop Strategy and Plans
Conduct facilitated strategy and planning workshops with the HR leadership team or department – drawing on the results of the HRvalue Report™, as well as the results of other interviews or focus groups.

Review and Develop the HR Structure, Roles and Responsibilities
Review existing HR structure against the defined (new) role of HR.
Develop job and competency profiles for all HR roles.

Develop HR Leaders and Teams
Conduct group coaching sessions with HR teams and leaders, and individual coaching sessions for executive and senior HR leaders – focused on the value-adding contribution and delivery of the HR function, as well as the development of competencies that were identified as development areas.

Implement Improvement Initiatives
Implement other improvement initiatives to address the results obtained from the HRvalue Report™, as well as HR strategy and plans.

Repeat the Survey and Review Progress
Repeat the HRvalue Report™ in a year to determine progress with internal HR initiatives and to assess whether these initiatives resulted in a shift in stakeholder satisfaction and opinions.