Date Listed: May 2022


Clinical & Scientific Research


Size of HR Department:

HR’s overall performance score:
4 out of 5

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CAPRISA was formally established in 2002 under the NIH-funded Comprehensive International Program of Research on AIDS (CAPRISA) by five partner institutions (University of Kwazulu-Natal, University of Cape Town, University of Western Cape, National Institute for Communicable Diseases, and Columbia University in New York).

CAPRISA is a designated UNAIDS Collaborating Centre for HIV Research and Policy, and is the South African Department of Science and Innovation and the National Research Foundation’s designated Centre of Excellence in HIV prevention.

The Human Capital Function

The Human Capital function’s greatest strengths and value-add (according to executive, senior, middle and junior Management)

  1. Regular interaction (once a month or more) between management and HR.
  2. Ensuring HR governance and compliance.
  3. Staffing, including timely and adequately recruiting, offering placement advise, acting as custodian of diversity objectives, and ensuring utilisation of a strong employer brand to attract talent.
  4. Leveraging HR technology, enabling performance, and business partnering.
  5. Providing employee wellness programs that have a positive impact.
  6. HR is seen as approachable.
  7. HR is an integral part of the business, and senior leadership demonstrates commitment and support for the HC function and their initiatives. These factors are enablers of HR’s ability to add value to CAPRISA.

How the Human Capital Function Benefited from Participation

“Participating in the HRvalue survey by executive, senior and middle management provided the Human Capital team and the organisation with meaningful insights on the prevailing perceptions of the HC Team and their value add, as well as future expectations.

The survey allowed us to elicit priority and strategic areas to inform the Human Capital Strategy and reposition our function’s value proposition.  I would highly recommend this survey as an objective measurement of areas of improvement, and to highlight HR’s value and help shift perceptions of the HC function.”

Marietjie Geldenhuys, Head of HR: CAPRISA