Date Listed: October 2017


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Size of HR Department:

HR’s overall performance score:
4 out of 5

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About Bigen Group

“The Bigen story has humble beginnings – it all started with the establishment of a small engineering consultancy in 1971.

Our growth has seen us transform from a traditional engineering firm to an engineering firm with a conscience and ultimately an infrastructure development company committed to socio-economic well-being wherever we work.

Today Bigen employs more than 400 professionals who are actively creating a sustainable impact throughout Africa. As proudly African, Bigen’s story of growth over 46 years into an influential, multinational group, working in Africa for the people of Africa, has embedded the impact of our indelible and reputable infrastructure development footprint across the continent.

We utilise Africa’s limitless business opportunities to accelerate productivity, growth and economic prosperity for all who live here. That is why we create sustainable environments that unleash the potential of communities and individuals to improve their livelihoods. Wherever our activities take us, we see it as our responsibility to improve quality of live by doing good while doing business. “

The Human Capital Function

The Human Capital function’s greatest strengths and value-add (according to senior and executive leaders)

  1. HR policies and procedures are relevant, compliant, and applied fairly and consistently. The HC function provides oversight and advice to ensure HR practices ad decisions are compliant to legislation and policies.
  2. Utilising technology to effectively manage HR administrative processes; to provide accurate, useful and readily available HR information; and to streamline and enhance the efficiency of HR processes.
  3. Provision of a range of great leadership programmes to develop leaders, and to develop the next generation of leaders.
  4. Successful administration of staffing processes.
  5. Its people-focus and integrity.

How the Human Capital Function Benefited from Participation

“The results of our HRvalue Report provided a range of meaningful insights on what our middle, senior and top management expect and perceive of our Human Capital function. The survey covers a range of detailed questions that provided us with clear and comprehensive information on what we have to focus on. The high response rate was an indication that our leaders were keen to have their voices heard, and our participation in the survey indicated to the leadership that the HC function wants to set an example of transparency and listening to our key clients. The results presentation to our EXCO also triggered much needed conversations (and debate) about the role of our HC function and what needs to happen or change.

I believe it is a great tool for any business who understands the important role that their HR function plays and who would like to know what they need to focus on to ‘do better’ and ‘be better’. I have already recommended the HRvalue Report to others.”

Ruan Minnaar, Human Capital and Marketing Director: Bigen