In addition to the comprehensive computer-generated standard reports, a company may request the following additional analysis and reports (additional fees apply):

  1. Interpretive analysis of results and reports, which would benefit more focused action planning. It could include comparative and interpretative analysis to identify differences between management levels or business units/departments.
  2. An in-depth analysis of HRvalue Report™ results against internal HR department climate or engagement studies.
  3. Comparative and interpretative analysis of HRvalue Report™ results against previous years’ results.
  4. Recommendations based on the results, which include practical to-the-point steps for the transformation of your HR Department.
  5. Any other reports that the company may require.

The following reports are included in the fee, and form part of the standard computer-generated reports that will be delivered to the company:

  1. An overall report
  2. A report comparing results between management levels*
  3. A report comparing results of business units/departments*

* Assuming the company has retained inclusion of these biographical questions. Additional reports are available on request – additional fees apply.