Fees depend on:

  1. If customisation of the questionnaire is required.
  2. If additional biographical questions are added (i.e. other than the two existing questions that ask respondents to indicate their management level and business unit/department).
  3. If the three open-ended questions are included in the data analysis. These questions provide valuable information (directly from the words used by stakeholders) on behaviours and practices that the HR department should stop, start and continue.
  4. If additional reports are required.
  5. If benchmarking reports are required (i.e. against other companies or reports comparing your results against previous years).
  6. If further detailed interpretative reports or feedback presentations are required.
  7. If feedback sessions are required other than a one-hour feedback session with the most senior leader (or leadership team) of the company and/or HR function. Depending on the location of the company, these sessions can take place face-to-face or through video/audio teleconferencing.
  8. Any travel and accommodation cost would be for the client’s account.

Once you have emailed a request for quotation to us, we will email you an Application Form where you will complete all the relevant information that we will need to send you a quotation.