Now HR can listen to their clients the way successful companies listen to customers “One of the most innovative HR products I have seen in the market …" Marius Meyer (CEO: SABPP) Valuable assessment, management and transformation tool for HR and Executives Invaluable insights what HR’s key stakeholders expect and perceive of HR Accessible globally as an inhouse online survey Objective report from the perspective of HR’s clients Your HR function is key to support your business to manage your biggest asset and risk …. your people Your journey to a value-adding HR function starts here

ALL the insights about what leaders expect and perceive of YOUR HR function in one Report

The HRvalue Report™ provides invaluable insights to Executives and HR Directors who understand the important role of the HR department in supporting leaders and the people objectives of their business, and want to know where they can improve.

~ Imagine how you could benefit from asking and knowing what leaders expect and perceive of your HR function ~

 Assessment, strategy and transformation tool for HR and executive leadership

Latest Thinking

… on the role and value proposition of HR

Runs Online

The in-house survey can be accessed from anywhere in the world

Completed by Clients

… who are in the best position to provide objective and meaningful opinions as stakeholders of a value-adding HR function

Valuable Insights

The report provides all the information and analytics you need

Why Run an In-house HR Survey?

A great performance, starts with a clear measure of where you are.

Do you believe the success of your business is all about your people …

and your HR function has a key role in supporting your business to perform and to attract, retain and engage talent?

Imagine the benefits if HR knew what they have to focus on internally to enable your company to achieve its people objectives or to make a real difference to improve the outcome of your next in-house Culture or Engagement Survey.
By seeking and listening to open and transparent feedback from HR’s key stakeholders, HR demonstrates that they listen to their clients in the same way as successful businesses listen to their customers and understand their markets.

Key Benefits of the HRvalue Report™

The HRvalue Report™ is different from other HR surveys in many ways.

The HRvalue Report™ asks clients a range of very important questions.

An invaluable tool to give HR functions much needed insights and analytics to focus on.

  1. Know exactly what clients want and perceive of HR
  2. Develop, review and focus internal HR strategy and plans
  3. Identify key improvement opportunities for the HR function
  4. Develop HR’s performance as value-adding business partners

A valuable process to stimulate discussions between the HR and leadership teams on HR’s role and value-proposition, and how leaders can support HR.

The HRvalue Report™ could also be used by clients who wish to assess their progress and the impact of the initiatives they have undertaken the previous year, or if they want to assess themselves against available benchmarking data (optional)


Now HR has a tool to listen to their clients,
understand their expectations and perceptions,
and build a great value-adding HR team


“The HRvalue Report is one of the most innovative HR products I have seen in the market. It provides the key information companies need to make better decisions about HR and people management. By obtaining tangible feedback from line management, the HRvalue Report answers all the questions line management want to challenge HR on, and thereby provides an invaluable tool to improving the relevance, quality and impact of HR work. As the HR and quality assurance body for HR Management we are proud to be associated with HCBS by endorsing this product and we want to encourage companies to consider this unique approach to ensuring value-added HR work. Moreover, the HRvalue Report could play a significant contribution to position your HR function on the journey to meeting the National HR Standards as developed by SABPP”

“The results of our HRvalue Report provided a range of meaningful insights on what our middle, senior and top management expect and perceive of our Human Capital function. The survey covers a range of detailed questions that provided us with clear and comprehensive information on what we have to focus on. The high response rate was an indication that our leaders were keen to have their voices heard, and our participation in the survey indicated to the leadership that the HC function wants to set an example of transparency and listening to our key clients. The results presentation to our EXCO also triggered much needed conversations (and debate) about the role of our HC function and what needs to happen or change.

I believe it is a great tool for any business who understands the important role that their HR function plays and who would like to know what they need to focus on to ‘do better’ and ‘be better’. I have already recommended the HRvalue Report to others.”

Ruan Minnaar, Human Capital and Marketing Director: Bigen

Leaders across the world agree that people are their greatest asset and risk

HR functions therefore have a key role to support and enable the business …
In the VUCA world that is here to stay, building a high performing HR function means HR needs to think and act differently and with agility

“Human Capital” was again in 2015 (for the 3rd year running) cited by CEO’s as the most critical challenge for their companies in the year ahead
– The Conference Board annual CEO Challenge

28% of non-HR leaders rated their organisation’s HR performance as “excellent” or “good” and 38% believed they were “underperforming” or “getting by”. The balance of 34% believed HR’s performance was “adequate”. Business leaders rated HR’s performance 20% lower than HR leaders did
– Deloitte Human Capital Trends Report 2015